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Climate Change

Cultural and Consensus Models of Climate Change Adaptation for the Chesapeake Bay (2010-2013; NSF Funding)

This project takes an in-depth approach to collect, systematically analyze, and identify cognitive models from local understandings of and adaption to climate change in three diverse and at-risk communities on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  The study undertakes multivariate analyses to assess the impacts of cultural model knowledge, local environmental conditions, and socioeconomic contexts on community understanding and support of climate change adaptation policies and programs.

Overcoming the Obstacles and Capitalizing on the Incentives for Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Environmental Justice Communities
(2011-2013; NOAA Funding)

The project focuses on how cultural knowledge is both useful and necessary in planning and implementing climate change adaptation strategies. Our overall objective for this research is to improve community-based adaptation planning for EJ communities.  The project is developing protocols for using systematic cultural analysis and collaborative learning to engage holistic and diverse climate change/adaptation end user-stakeholder groups in adaptation planning

University of Maryland | Department of Anthropology | 1111 Woods Hall | College Park, MD 20742